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Want Small Town Charm with Big Amenities? Buy a House in Morinville

Jul 6, 2018 / by TriUrban Real Estate

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We’ve been talking a lot lately about real estate in Edmonton and it’s nearby cities Leduc and Fort Saskatchewan. But one we haven’t mentioned that’s near Edmonton and also currently offers great real estate opportunities is Morinville. Actually, Morinville is a town, not a city, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an excellent location to buy a home and raise a family.

More About Morinville

The Town of Morinville is located just 30km north of Edmonton in Sturgeon County. With a population of just under 10,000 (having grown by nearly 500 citizens at the last census), the town’s website calls itself a “healthy business and residential community.” The residents of Morinville are mostly young families, meaning there are a lot of people living there who are committed to making sure the community stays safe and vibrant. 

With a strong economic outlook (and that growing population) the town of Morinville is growing into the commercial centre for the surrounding County while retaining the small-town charm many families are looking for. If you want to move somewhere safe and friendly that provides access to all the urban amenities you need, you should consider Morinville.

Amenities in Morinville

The community of Morinville has a lot going on in terms of facilities and amenities. With five excellent schools for everyone from Kindergarten to Grade 12, there’s no shortage of education opportunities for families with young children.

There’s also a lot going on for sports and activity in Morinville. The town has an arena, curling rink, soccer fields, outdoor gyms, baseball diamonds, and many parks and playgrounds. Plus, a brand new arena/rec centre is currently under construction to be completed next year. 

The Community Cultural Centre (9502 100 Ave, Morinville, AB T8R 1P6) is a great space that can be rented and used by residents for many different events. The library and museum also provide activities and education.

Perhaps most importantly, Morinville has, or is just minutes away from, all the big city amenities young families are looking for including Tim Hortons and Costco. As the town continues to attract families of those in CFB Edmonton and the Industrial Heartland, we predict the number and kind of stores, shops, and restaurants you're looking for will steadily increase. 

Where to Buy a House in Morinville 

The best thing about real estate in a town outside of the city is the price. In Morinville, you can get the same brand new home as in Edmonton at a much lower cost. But, just like any neighbourhood, not all homes in Morinville are equally good choices for young families.

Morinville isn’t that big, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t prime real estate locations in the town. The new community of Edgewood is one of those. A very new neighbourhood located on the north side of town, Edgewood boasts brand new homes in excellent locations. You get the exact same home as you would in Edmonton, but for tens of thousands of dollars less! Who wouldn't want that kind of deal?

With such beautiful homes at such great prices, the lots available in Edgewood are sure to fill up soon. Plus, as the town continues to grow (we see evolution into a city eventually), home prices will rise. Even if you aren’t sure about moving outside of Edmonton, we encourage to come check out the real estate available in Morinville. The small town charm might just convince you not to leave.

Interested in Buying a Home in Morinville?

If you’re thinking about moving to Morinville, we’d be happy to show you all the new construction homes that are currently being built in Morinville. They'll be ready soon, so if you're thinking about moving, now is the time to start looking. You can let us know you’re interested here.