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Fort Saskatchewan Real Estate Has Everything You’re Looking For

Jun 21, 2018 / by TriUrban Real Estate

Located just 25 km northeast of Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan is a growing city with a bright future. Because it is part of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland, the city has a lot of ongoing and upcoming projects that will continue to bring countless jobs to the area and growth to the economy. The outlook for this once “little industrial town” and the people who live there, is great.

Best Real Estate in Fort Saskatchwan

Who Lives in Fort Saskatchewan?

While the city started out as a place where many worked, but not many lived, that has changed dramatically in recent years. Growing by nearly 25% between the 2006 and 2011 census (and continuing to grow at the 2016 census) Fort Saskatchewan is no longer a place for trades workers to commute to: it is a place for families to live.

But it’s not just a place for the families of people who work in the industrial heartland. Many people choose to move to Fort Saskatchewan for other reasons, including all of the great amenities and activities.

If you move to Fort Saskatchewan, you’ll find your neighbours are also young families who are looking for all of the perks of living in the city with the safety and friendliness of living in a small town. With everything going on from sports, to arts, to work, Fort Saskatchewan is an excellent place for the active, on-the-go family.

Why Buy a House in Fort Saskatchewan?


As the population grows, so do the needs of the people who live there. If you’re thinking about buying a house in Fort Saskatchewan, there’s no need to worry about education or health care facilities. The city has a great hospital and many schools, in fact, there are two brand new schools.


The largest amenity in the city of Fort Saskatchewan is the Dow Centennial Centre (8700 84 St, Fort Saskatchewan, AB T8L 4P5). This recreational facility holds all of the facilities needed for pretty much every sport you can imagine from hockey to soccer to gymnastics, to basketball, a full gym, and much more. And it’s not just sports. The DCC has an art gallery, pottery studio, theatre, and banquet hall for everyone with an interest in the arts.

So, when people tell us they’re worried about buying a house in Fort Saskatchewan because there won’t be as much to do as in Edmonton – we know the Dow Centre will change their minds.

In addition to this great centre, there are also many other recreational amenities in the city for residents to access. Plenty of parks, walking trails, bike paths, and more make for a great city for the active family.


One thing we at TriUrban personally love about Fort Saskatchewan is the friendly, family-based, atmosphere of the city that combines with all the high-end amenities and shopping you would expect in Edmonton.

While the neighbourhoods are typically quiet and calm, they exist right next door to many multi-national chain stores and restaurants, including Wal-Mart, Safeway, Sobeys, Canadian Tire, and more. If you’re more interested in the local shopping and eating, there’s plenty of that too.

What Fort Saskatchewan Real Estate is Available?

Just like real estate in Edmonton, the Fort Saskatchewan market is looking great. Named the 4th Best City to Buy a Property in Edmonton by the Real Estate Investment Network last year, there are many great homes for sale in Fort Saskatchewan.

At TriUrban, we have properties for sale in one of our favourite Fort Saskatchewan neighbourhoods, Southfort. We chose this neighbourhood because it’s very clost to everything you need, including one of the brand new schools. And that Dow Centre we talked about before, it’s practically next door.

Our completely soundproof, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom duplexes will be ready in July and we don’t expect these great homes to be around for much longer, so if you’re interested in getting a new home in Fort Saskatchewan, make sure to contact us today.