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TriUrban’s 2020 Pre-Sale Program for Investors

Nov 1, 2019 / by Jason Mattern

TriUrban’s 2020 Pre-Sale Program for Investors featured ImageReal estate investors should get ready to make their purchases while TriUrban is hosting its special new construction pre-sale program for investors! We understand the rental market, and we’re using this knowledge to help you maximize the profits you get from your property.

Learn more about why it’s time to make your move and build instant equity by locking in at today's low prices for new construction homes.

Purchasing the Property vs. Taking Possession

You know that timing is of the utmost importance when you’re in the real estate market. Traditional buyers are focused on getting the lowest price, but investors need to think about the rental market as well, and this market is most active during the spring and summer months.

When you’re buying a brand-new property, you also have to factor in the amount of time it takes to build the home.

That’s where things get tricky. If you want to have your properties ready for rental during the hot tenant season in the spring and summer, you need to make your purchase several months in advance. Our pre-sale program is now running (for a limited time), which is the perfect timing for having your home ready when most people are looking to rent. You’re able to maximize your rental income.

Avoiding Placing Tenants During the Winter Months

History has proven that the winter months are not a desirable time to be placing a tenant. The tenant activity understandably slows down in the cold and snowy winter months and most people opt to move in the warmer seasons.

That said, there are always people looking for rental units, even in winter, but be prepared for things to take a little longer and perhaps take less to attract a tenant in out of the cold. Marketing your property for rent in the spring and summer months will give you the best opportunity to place a tenant at maximum value and have your lease renewals set for the same advantageous time every year.

Get the Best Prices

There are two important dates when you purchase real estate - the day you buy and the day you sell. It only makes sense that you want to get the best pricing on the properties you buy, so making your purchase now coming into the winter months can be a very smart move. 

TriUrban’s 2020 Pre-Sale Program for Investors New Home ImageHistorically we see a spike in real estate prices every early spring when home buyers start coming out of hibernation and the market starts to bustle. Like everyone else homebuilders also typically adjust their prices at the beginning of the year to take advantage of the spring rush.

Things have been pretty affordable for the past few years, but the market is finally starting to heat up again. There’s a really good chance that builders are going to raise their prices as the market demands continue to rise. You don’t want that to eat into your profits, nor do you have to.

By making your purchase now, you’re locking in the lower prices you can get today. By making a small deposit you will hold your price until the home is built and you take possession in the high demand tenant season next spring and summer.

Additionally, the fall and winter months are usually slower for homebuilders. They want to keep their construction staff engaged and momentum rolling so this often results in special discounts and promotions that could get you a better deal on your properties.

Your goal should be to acquire your real estate assets at the best possible price and our 2020 new construction pre-sale program gives you the best opportunity to do just that.

Increase Equity Without Sweat

Everyone likes to make money with little to no effort. Purchasing a new home in a brand-new community before the show homes are built and it’s been released to the public is a super smart way to accomplish this.

Over several years now we can establish that our early acquisition method pays huge dividends. It is our mission to investigate and know a finished community plan before we even recommend it to our investor audience. We buy early and let the natural progression and maturation of these communities take place. In a few short years, there are schools, recreation facilities, commercial and retail amenities and transportation improvements developed around these communities that will all contribute to higher real estate values.

Investing in income property is easy when you know what to do. TriUrban Real Estate specializes in working with real estate investors, to help you acquire the best possible real estate assets. Whether you are just starting out or an experienced investor looking for that next great addition to your portfolio we can help.

And since our focus and expertise is on new construction properties for investment purposes, we’re able to give you the expert guidance you need. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how you can get started on the path to earning investment income.

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