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Keystone XL Pipeline On Track To Win Biden's Approval

Nov 23, 2020 / by Jason Mattern


We all know the completion of both the Transmountain Pipeline and the Keystone XL Pipeline will have a significant impact on our economy and our housing market.

With Edmonton having the opportunity to possibly be the biggest and quickest beneficiary of these initiatives, we are watching closely as it manoeuvres its way through the political clouds.

Here is an interesting article and view on Biden’s approval of  the Keystone XL pipeline…

Read the full article: Keystone XL positioned ‘very favourably’ to win Biden’s approval: TC Energy

Some highlights include:

  • Calgary’s TC Energy is currently repositioning and making big investments it believes will put the project on track to win the new administration’s approval.
  • Among them is an investment from Natural Law Energy, an alliance of Canadian indigenous communities, for up to $1 billion, making this the first major North American pipeline with indigenous ownership.
  • This comes along with a $1.5 billion state in the project recently purchased by the Alberta government, as well as $6 million in loan guarantees and a $10 million USD clean energy training fund. These investments are set to bring in over 7,000 union jobs in 2021. 

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Jason Mattern

Written by Jason Mattern

Husband, dad, and real estate afficenado. With over two decades of experience, Jason decided there had to be a better way and founded TriUrban Real Estate in 2015. Jason loves real estate ALMOST as much as he loves his family (which includes his wife, two kids, a dog and a cat!).