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Investors are Bullish on Alberta Oilsands

Dec 21, 2020 / by Jason Mattern

investors-bullish-alberta-oilsands-suncor-featured-imageAlberta has spent a long time hiding in the shadow of the shale boom of the US, but coming out of 2020, we're seeing some very positive news!

Here is an article many of us have been waiting for with a somewhat positive outlook on the continuing need and demand for the Alberta Oilsands. It appears investors are “bullish” on this investment opportunity! Does this mean the stage is starting to set for another energy boom in Alberta...?

Read the full article: 'We are very bullish': Oilsands win Wall Street favour after years in shale's shadow

Some highlights include:

  • Improved cost structures and increased propensity for capital discipline mean Canadian producers have a greater ability to generate free cash flow
  •  Declining competition from Mexico - forecasted to drop by 70% over the next three years
  • The start of construction for three pipelines to combat the years of insufficient shipping capacity

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Jason Mattern

Written by Jason Mattern

Husband, dad, and real estate afficenado. With over two decades of experience, Jason decided there had to be a better way and founded TriUrban Real Estate in 2015. Jason loves real estate ALMOST as much as he loves his family (which includes his wife, two kids, a dog and a cat!).