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Get a Property in 3 of Alberta’s Top Cities to Invest in Real Estate with TriUrban

Nov 7, 2017 / by TriUrban Real Estate

Get a Property in 3 of Alberta’s Top Cities to Invest in Real Estate

The Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) recently released its annual report on the Top Ten Alberta Towns and Cities to invest in real estate. Within the top five cities to invest are Edmonton, Leduc, and Fort Saskatchewan. What do these three cities have in common? Well, besides being located near each other, all three cities happen to be places where TriUrban has investment properties. 

Let’s look a little deeper into each of those three cities, and how can TriUrban can help find the right investment property for you in each one.

Top Cities to Invest in Real Estate in Alberta

  1. Edmonton Property Investment

Edmonton is ranked as the number 1 city to invest in real estate in Alberta in the REIN report. According to the report Edmonton, “weathered the economic storm better than other centres in the province, and is poised to be one of the first cities to exit the slump.” In addition, Edmonton’s GDP is forecasted to be high, with Alberta’s above the national average, for 2018. 

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As we wrote in a previous blog (see link above) TriUrban understands why Edmonton is the perfect place to invest in property right now. Not only is the city in the right position to follow REIN’s Long Term Real Estate Success Formula, but properties are affordable.

That means you can get a brand new, purpose-built investment property at a price you can afford that’s in the right position to get you a maximum ROI. At TriUrban, we specialize in this exact kind of Edmonton investment property. We have a variety of different property types available, including our turnkey Suited Homes that include plenty of tenant-attractive features and promise maximum monthly cash flow.

  1. Leduc Property Investment

Leduc ranked number 3 on the list of top Alberta cities for real estate investment. With its location just south of Edmonton, and right next to the Edmonton International Airport, Leduc is in the perfect position to benefit quickly from the ripple effect of influxes to Edmonton’s economy and housing market, the REIN report states.

With the city growing at a high rate, it’s set to follow just behind Edmonton on the Long Term Real Estate Success Formula. Which means it’s about the right time for property investment in Leduc. Luckily, TriUrban has some great new-construction Leduc investment properties ready, including our Suited Homes, perfect for getting the maximum monthly cash flow.

  1. Fort Saskatchewan Property Investment

Ranked just below Leduc at number 4 on the REIN list of top Alberta cities for property investment, Fort Saskatchewan is the third city in which TriUrban has properties to make the top 5. The city, a major player in Alberta’s oil and gas industry, has a “staggering” median income, according to the report.

The city boasts a strong rental market and a great location near Edmonton, which make it better for real estate investment than other “smaller” top towns and cities. The TriUrban team is ready with a variety of Fort Saskatchewan investment properties, including some great suited homes, that are purpose-built to attract the best tenants.

Meet Your Edmonton Area Real Estate Investment Goals with TriUrban

The fact that we have investment properties in 3 of the top 5 cities for real estate investment in Alberta is no mistake. Our team of professional investors has been purchasing Edmonton area investment properties for a long time, and we’ve learned a lot about what makes a city a good place to invest. That’s why you can trust us to find you the right property in the right city to meet your investment goals.

Contact us today to learn more about our properties in all 3 cities. Plus, ask us about our Suite Deal promotion to find out how you can get up to $15,000 in direct builder discounts, in addition to all of the turnkey features, when you invest in one of our suited homes.

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