When you’re searching through all the homes for sale in Edmonton, you’re always on the lookout for something that makes the home feel like your own. At TriUrban, we know how important it is to have the options you need to make your home feel like home.

That’s why we’re offering homebuyers to opportunity to customize their brand new homes by picking one of three free customization options* :

  1. Free Landscaping, Deck, and Fence
  2. Free Rear Garage
  3. $12,500 Cash Purchase Discount

The choice you make will help you determine your next adventure. Choose Option 1 and you’ll be ready to become a garden-party master. With your evenings filled with gardening, BBQs, and hanging out on the deck, you’ll be hosting get-togethers all summer. Plus, who has time to do all of this after you move in? Let the builder do it, include the cost within your mortgage, and keep that cash in your pocket!

Choose Option 2 and you’ll have all the extra storage you could ever want. Plus keep your car out of the elements; out of the summer sun and winter snow. All your vehicles and outdoor belongings will be tucked away safe and sound in a clean garage in your backyard. 

Choose Option 3 and anything could happen! With the money you save off the purchase of your home you’re keeping your options open. Maybe you’ll buy the furniture of your dreams, or maybe you’ll use the money to go on an actual adventure and book a ticket to your favourite travel destination.

Whichever adventure you choose, your TriUrban team will be there to help you through the whole real estate process. Keep reading to learn a little more about our homes, then fill in the form on this page to let us know you’re interested in getting started on your adventure. We'll also send you all the information about this promotion as a downloadable PDF. 

Start Your Next Adventure in a TriUrban Home

A Little More About our Homes for Sale in Edmonton

TriUrban Non-Suited Home 

At TriUrban, we’re known as the new construction experts. That’s because all of our homes are brand new construction, and we’ll tell anyone we think buying new is the way to go! You can learn more about why new construction is the way to go on our blog.

We work directly with homebuilders in Edmonton and area to ensure that our homes have all of the features that homebuyers want. All of our homes have 3-bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, convenient laundry locations, modern design/fixtures, and more.

When it comes to the communities in which our homes are located, we’re very picky. We purposefully choose homebuilders that work in communities we think homebuyers want. Not only that, we’ve done a lot of research on the Edmonton real estate market, so we know which communities are most popular because they are close and convenient to major shopping, schools, recreation centres and easy transportation. You can bet we’ve chosen those neighbourhoods for our homes.

Think you might be interested in starting your next adventure in a TriUrban home? Fill out the form and we’ll be in contact soon with more information about our home models, communities, and more.

*Terms and conditions apply.  Participating builders only.